Vaudeville of the Vulva

Vaudeville of the Vulva is an hilarious one woman comic cabaret, entertaining and educating about female sexuality with humour and song.  A contribution to the genre that includes the Vagina Monologues, the Vaudeville is written and performed by actress, comedienne and sexual health activist, Laura-Doe. It features a host of ingenious characters including, The Vulva Underground – a troupe of unusually vocal velvet vulvae! Not to be confused with Puppetry of the Penis, this show is funny, sexy and wise, yet involves no nudity – instead it seeks to entertain, inspire and inform using humour and song. More info here


“Respectful, empowering artistic works that deal with feminine genitalia are pretty few & far between.” Laura-Doe said. “International studies show that the majority of women are uncomfortable discussing their genitals even with their health care provider. In my sexology practice the most common issue is lack of good info. I use comedy to inform and inspire, to release tension and address some of the disempowering attitudes about that extraordinary body part through which we are naturally designed enter the world.”

Laura-Doe is no stranger to entertaining. She wrote and performed her first one-woman show, a feminist commentary entitled ‘The Dangers of Being a Princess’ at the early age of 9. Since then she has been busy honing her performance skills as an actress, lecturer, corporate trainer and MC, developing her singing talents writing and performing with The Voices of Gaia and being generally hilarious in the privacy of her own home.

When she is not entertaining, Laura-Doe is a sex educator running workshops and offering sessions at the yOniversity. She is the webmistress of an online women’s magazine and passionate about empowering women to appreciate their unique beauty and feminine gifts. more about Laura-Doe

Music for the show was created by The Chaps, Andrew Cox on piano & keyboards and Anando Bharti on bass and guitar. Anando Bharti also produced the recording of the songs which is now available to download here. Audience participation is encouraged.

What people have said about Laura-Doe’s performance…

It was funny, beautiful, educational, moving, inspiring … thank you for being such a light in this area taking on a subject many need more healing and openness around and doing it in such a funny and light hearted way. At the same time offering such wisdom and much needed information. Your puppets are fantastic!

Karen Katz - Infinite Potential Centre, West Burleigh

A portion of the proceeds from the show are donated to support work in raising awareness about and helping victims of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). more about FGM