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Vaudeville of the Vulva .. the funny fanny

The Nimbin GoodTimes, October 2011 p.13

VAUDEVILLE OF THE VULVA is a user friendly, even family friendly, comic cabaret celebrating the visual richness, infinite variety, wild humor and affectionate dimensions of this much projected upon body part. With audience participation from squeeze-along song to rollicking goddess invocation to favorite yoni adjectives, Laura-Doe keeps her finger firmly on the love button while channelling her cheeky, multicultural pussy personalities through a variety of vocal velvet vulvae with wit, lusty gusto and hilarious ebullience. I found myself wishing hard that this show could travel to the Somalia of Waris Dirie, genitally mutilated supermodel who wrote so movingly about seeing this intimate piece of her anatomy detached and discarded like a dead butterfly. Bringing awareness to the astonishing 130 million women worldwide affected by this practise in liner notes only without beating you over the head, this artful, aphrodisiac edutainment supports a worthwhile cause and makes you feel sexy at the same time – another example of infinite vagina magic…!

Lilith Rocha

Audience feedback

“Congratulations on a fantastic show! You are a courageous, talented and very funny woman!!!” S

“Thank you for such a wonderfully juicy night” Lexie G

“I thought the subject was handled very sensitively, respectful, tasteful (!) Very uplifting!” D Dixon

‘Thanks for bringing such joyfulness and mirth into the lives of so many. Your routine was hilarious as well as inspiring and its positive messages were easily accessible to everyone. It’s great for women to be able to view their femininity in a totally different light to what’s normally packaged for feminine consumption. Bravo Laura!!! You’re a bloody legend.’ Natalie, Events Coordinator

“I loved the music and was even singing “Big Bad Baubo” in my sleeping last night – that is how much I loved the interaction and singing along” Marie-Elise Allen

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“I thought it was fantastic” – Sue Flaxten

“Had such a great time laughing and enjoying being a woman!  Yeah!” K

“I felt somehow uplifted by the openness, my  learning, the fun and the beautiful music/songs – it was a sensory feast” Stephanie

“Thank you Laura-Doe it was a pleasure to share your warm & savvy stage presence.”  Stella

Really good. I'm amazed by your creativity. It was refreshing to have someone create fun entertainment around the vulva - a topic most people are hesitant to talk about. Thank you for being a pioneer.

Feedback from Scottsdale AZ

“I left feeling elated .. had a lot of fun and it was refreshing to find a show dealing with female genitalia that was humourous and honouring… well done”  Kathleen

BRILLIANT” Way clever, inspiring, presentation progressed well & just great, great. THANK YOU THANK YOU” RP, AZ, USA

Such a great show! So creative & funny. I really enjoyed your performance. I’m looking forward to watching your DVD.” Cara, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

So clever & creative. Thank you for reminding me about the G-spot, vulva and how amazing the clitoris is. Very funny!

Fun, refreshing, playful, uplifting, unique, informative, different.

Really good. I’m amazed by your creativity. It was refreshing to have someone create fun entertainment around the vulva – a topic most people are hesitant to talk about. Thank you for being a pioneer.

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